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Fruits of abuse

During our road trip, we noticed a connection between land quality outside the car windows and what the maps said.  Quite frequently, if the land seemed harsh and hard to use, we found ourselves to be on an Indian reservation when we looked … Continue reading

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Vitaly Khomchenko

This post is the first in a series called “The Autocord Interview.”  Click here to read what the Autocord Interview is about. Name: Vitaly Khomchenko Country: Ukraine City: Kiev Profession: Designer and amateur photographer How did you become interested in … Continue reading

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The magic of Zion national park

It was during our road trip of summer 2007.  As we walked one of the paths of Zion national park I suddenly heard a mysterious trace of an extra sound – mingled with the birds singing, water flowing and leaves moving. … Continue reading

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The straw stands out

Before for the school trip to Mexico, we spent a weekend together in preparation.  It was well organized by my friend Curt Rosen from World Encounter, and did a good job of preparing the group for what was at hand. … Continue reading

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A proud duckling owner

We live 9km south of a small town called Egilsstadir.  During the annual town festival they had a pet competition.  My daughter Margret was convinced that our duckling would win so she convinced her younger brother that she would present … Continue reading

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