A smile in Zion national park

My son John smiling in Zion national Park

My son John smiling in Zion national Park

In June 2007 we, the family, took a road trip from Minnesota, down through Iowa, Colorado, across the mountains to Los Angeles and then up through Nevada, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and then back east through Mount Rushmore and back home to Minnesota.

We visited many national parks.  My favorite was Zion national park.  Above is a picture of my son Sigurjon Oli Agustsson (english nickname: John).  The kids enjoyed walking in the streams back and forth.

This is one of those Autocord pictures that have a slight 3-d effect to them.  My son really “pops” out of the background.  That is one of the things I really enjoy about the Autocord picture quality.

The film is Fuji Provia 100.  That has been my main film of choice since 2006.  At that point I did some online research and experimented with different film on my Autocord.  I then bought a lot of 100 “about to expire” Fuji Provia films on Ebay and put them in the freezer.  They continue to give consisten quality results.  The drawback now is that developing them is expensive here in Iceland.

While living in Minnesota I discovered that I could bring my films to Wal-Mart and by carefully marking the film envelope with: “E-6 120 film, please send to Fuji, do not cut” etc. – the film was sent to Fuji.  That worked well and was cheap – yet giving good results.  I do not recall I ever got damaged or badly developed film back.

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