Agust Olafsson hiking in Skaftafell Iceland, summer 2006

Agust Olafsson hiking in Skaftafell Iceland, summer 2006

Hi!  I’m Agust Olafsson from Iceland.  I am an amateur photographer.

Currently I work as a software engineer and consultant, but my passion is for healthy discipleship in Jesus Christ.

My favourite camera is my 1958 Minolta Autocord.  Many things can be said about the Autocord camera.  If you run a web search you will find various discussions about the Autocord.  A common remark is that the Autocord has great image quality.

As I have enjoyed using the Autocord, this site is dedicated to sharing my experience of using the Autocord and a selection of the pictures that I have taken.  My plan is simply to post my favorite Autocord pictures and write about them.

The sun-set-banner here on top was taken on the Autocord (of course!) at a Minnesota summer evening as we drove home from visiting friends in a cabin north of Minneapolis.

The setup up of the site is in blog style, but it is also easy to browse by clicking a category or a tag that interests you.  Each entry also has a link to the entry before and after.

Feel free to contact me if you have a question or comment.

I hope you enjoy the site!

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  1. Nonni says:

    Virkilega flott síða hjá þér.
    Ég ætla að senda þér 2 af mínum uppáhaldsmyndum í tölvupósti seinna.

    Kv. Nonni.

  2. Brenda Carpenter says:

    Hi Agust, I love your website. I have been a Minolta Autocord fan for years. For the last four years, I had opted for the convenience of digital in the shape of a Nikon 40D. But I’ve found that after returning from vacation, the last thing I want to do is spend time at the computer downloading and backing up. So after losing the majority of our family photos in a hard-drive crash, I’m going back to film, and the Autocord is my camera of choice. My husband and I used to photograph weddings and the Autocord photos were always among our client’s favorites. The negatives easily enlarge to wall portrait size (up to 4 ft) with no loss of quality at all. I do mostly portraits and the combination of the Autocord and Kodak Portra is a winning combination. Keep posting your shots!

    • Agust says:

      Thank you for your encouragement Brenda,

      Sorry to hear about the hard-drive crash. Those things can break any time – even on new computers – at least that’s how they should be treated 🙂

      I’ll keep posting – happy shooting! Agust

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