Alan Bell

This post is the third in a series called “The Autocord Interview.”

Name: Alan Bell
Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Profession: Retired

How did you become interested in photography and why?
I was fascinated by the technology and wanted to involve myself in the creation of b&w photos.

How did you discover the Autocord?
I wanted a medium format camera and heard that the Autocord was a hidden gem. I love very sharp images and the Autocord was perfect for this.

Where did you buy your Autocord and for how much ($)?
I saw it on Ebay and bought it for $114 cdn. It was before people started to discover this camera.

What are some of your favorite features about the Autocord?
It is simple to use and small enough to take on trips, not so heavy. I also like that you shoot from waist level which brings an interesting view.

What has worked best for you in the process of developing and scanning film?
I shoot mostly b&w which I develop myself and scan for flickr or facebook.

Any future plans or dreams in photography?
No, just keep taking photos.

Any final word/comments?
I love my Autocord, you can see other cameras I have here.
All of these cameras are fully functional. picked these favorite pictures from Alan:

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