Exploring the forest together

My wife in east Iceland forest

My wife in east Iceland forest

This summer my wife Kolbrun and I took our first “hideout” together since we started having children.  We booked a cottage over night and our friend looked after the kids.

The biggest forest of Iceland is located in east Iceland.  It is actually not big, but pretty much any forest is big for Iceland.  We took a nice walk into the forest, the Autocord joining us.

I really like this shot.  My wife is the mother of my children and my best friend.  Marriage is very important for us.  There is something about motherhood and trees that echoes.  I like how the tree expands from the bottom right to the top left corner.  Finally, as a B&W picture, this picture has many shades of gray, all the way from black to white.

This is the first B&W photograph that I post.  Film was Neopan 400.  I am trying this film out for the first time.  OK result so far, but obviously the grain is quite visible.

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2 Responses to Exploring the forest together

  1. Þórbergur Hrafn Ólafsson says:

    Það verður áhugavert að prenta mynd eins og þessa og sjá muninn á móti scönnuðu myndinni. Flott mynd.

  2. Steven J. Bennett says:

    I like the black & white you added to your forum, “Exploring the forest together.” I have bought a roll of Kodak 120 for the Autocord. Once I get the focus lever unstuck I’ll see how it takes and show you!

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