Fruits of abuse

Fruits of abuse

Fruits of abuse

During our road trip, we noticed a connection between land quality outside the car windows and what the maps said.  Quite frequently, if the land seemed harsh and hard to use, we found ourselves to be on an Indian reservation when we looked at the map.  Many tribes and nations around the globe have suffered tremendously as “superior” people have abused them – and simply the stress of being rushed into a new era has often serious side effects as old ways of defining identity have to be reinvented.

This has been the case for the Inuits, Indians and in my opinion I see some of this even with the Icelandic people which I am a native of.  When the last 70 years of Icelandic history is observed the case for this can be argued.

This picture was taken as we took off on a side road to take a series of 35mm pictures of my brother Thor in his newly bought cowboy suit.  Provia 100, F8 1/250.

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