Fun in the snow

My wife and my son John at a farm having fun in the snow

My wife and my son John at a farm having fun in the snow

In Minnesota I served as an intern at The Lutheran Church of the Master (LCM).  We will never forget what it was like to move from Iceland to Minnesota.  The people at the church where really nice to us, and basically everybody else we met in Minnesota!

The day this picture was taken we were having a winter-farm-day at a farm connected with the church.

My wife Kolbrun and my son John were having fun on the slider.

When I use the Autocord I use a light meter because there is no inbuilt light meter in my Autocord.  It never bothers  me, and actually I quite like the fact that there is no electricity, battery or wires what-so-ever in my Autocord – it is fully mechanic.  Later models of the Autocord have an in-built light meter, but not mine.

Anyway, this picture was taken in bright sunlight.  I simply clicked my small sekonic light meter in front of my wife’s face, set the camera and took the shot.

As it was quite sunny this day, this picture is probably taken at F16/250.

This particular day I was experimenting with using Fuji Superia ISO 100 film.  I got some really razor sharp images from that film – but also some pictures where there seemed to be some color cast.  After some experimenting I made the decision to shoot mostly Fuji Provia 100 positive, which has served me well.

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