Leadership is looking ahead

Ben Fisher - leadership is looking ahead

Ben Fisher - leadership is looking ahead

In april 2007 I invited my friend and classmate Ben Fisher to join me on a trip of exploration and ministry in Iceland.  This was during my second year at the Masters Institute seminary and leadership school.  We did some teaching and services both in Reykjavik in the south west  and Eyjolfsstadir which is in east Iceland – connected with The Icelandic Christ Church.

At one point we took a drive along the south coast of Iceland, visited Skógasafn and several other places.  This area was heavily impacted by the recent eruption in Eyjafjallajökull.

This picture is taken close to Eyjafjallajökull, next to a semi-open-to-sea lake, which was quite still that day.  In the distance you can see Vestmannaeyjar but the eruption there in 1973 was a major event in the history of Iceland.
This picture is another good example of the sharp Rokkor lens of the Autocord.  Film was Provia 100.

My friend Ben Fisher serves as a pastor at North Heights Lutheran Church.  Some of his sermons can been heard at their archive.

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