Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral on Autocord

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral on Autocord

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral on Autocord

Part of the experience at The Masters Institute (MI) was to go on a cross-cultural trip, to expose us students to a different culture and inspire us to see the world from a broader perspective.  April 2007 I was privileged to participate in such a trip to Mexico, led by my friend Curt Rosen with World Encounter.

Our last full day in Mexico we had opportunity to do sightseeing in central Mexico city.  As we walked into the cathedral I saw this huge golden altar.  I later learned that this is called the altar of forgiveness.

There was not much light inside.  One could not even clearly see the details of the altar.  I decided to take a picture and took the Autocord as far back as I could to get everything into the viewfinder.  Next to me was somebody with a large format camera taking a picture.  My Autocord was in good company 🙂

I set it for F8.0, and held the shutter release cable down for 15 seconds.  The above was the result.  I was quite surprised when I saw the result out of the scanner.  It is one of those pictures that turns out far surpassing what one could expect beforehand.

The light from the back is great, and overall it is extremely sharp and well lit.

The film was Kodak E200 (older type), which I used during this trip to Mexico.  Fine film, also good when pushed to 400.

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