Minnesota sunset

Late summer sunset in Minnesota

Late summer sunset in Minnesota

It was late summer in Minnesota.  We had visited good friends in a cabin north of the twin cities – staying over night.

It was probably around 8pm as we drove home.  As we drove pass one of the many lakes, we saw this scene.

It was one of those moments where you could just as easily have sold yourself the idea that it was too late to spend time shooting – driving on instead.  But we stopped and I jumped out with the Autocord, tripod and light meter.  Took a reading with the light meter, don’t remember the numbers but probably F8 and ca. 8 seconds, Provia.

I just took one picture, then back into the Oldsmobile to head home.  It is a good picture, good exposure with interesting purple and orange shades.

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  1. John Doyle says:

    Beautiful place

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