My children in Wabasha

My children in Wabasha summer 2007

My children in Wabasha summer 2007

Spring 2007 we made our first trip to prepare for our upcoming roadtrip.  We took the camper and drove to Wabasha over the weekend.

This was in May, and the first really warm weather of the summer.  We did not have any AC in the camper so it REALLY was warm.

My wife needed a nap so I took John and Margret to a playground where this picture was shot.

This is one of those pictures with a really strong 3-d effect.  Provia film, probably F8.  I am also 95% sure that I used a fill-in flash when I took the picture – to soften the sharp shadows.  I have an little old Vivitar flash that I sometimes use with the Autocod.

When I look at pictures like this one I want to grab the Autocord and go somewhere to shoot.  On many other cameras a picture like this one would have been just a picture – but with a good medium format camera like the Autocord – there is magic!

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