The gift of a life well lived

Margret Messerer
During our time in Minnesota we had Margret and Don Messerer as next door neighbours. Don passed away in 2009. Don and Margaret are one of my heroes in life. Having a chance to share life with them, living in the same apartment building, was a gift to our family. Don had a life well lived – impacting probably thousands as he consistently worked and ministered all his life.

He had his share of difficulties. But I have observed that those that have a life well lived are not necessarily those that have few or no difficulties. On the contrary, it is those that press on, do not give up, and continue to do what is right that prevail and win the victory.
Unfortunately I do not have a good picture of Don, but above is a picture from 2007 where Margret Messerer is playing in the snow with our kids.

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