The first picture

Thor and Agust - my first Autocord picture

Thor and Agust - my first Autocord picture

This is the first picture taken on my Autocord after it arrived.  My younger brother Thor  left, me right.

We are sitting outside 1100 69th Ave North, Brooklyn Center Minnesota where I lived with my wife and children from 2005 – 2008.  During that time I attended The Masters Institute.  We had a great time in Minnesota!

This picture is taken at F8, speed probably around 125.

My brother Thor was the one who introduced me to medium format photography.  In January 2005 he bought a Hasselblad.  As I saw the results the he was getting, I started to explore alternative ways of medium format photography because buying a Hasselblad was outside of my budget.  That’s how I discovered the Autocord.

Since then I now own a Hasselblad, and it’s a great camera!  But, somehow, I always come back to my old Autocord again and again.

After we shot the first 120 film on the Autocord, my brother took the film back home with him to Iceland and scanned it on his Nikon Coolscan 9000.  Obviously I was very excited to see the results!  And the Autocord did not dissapoint me.  The Autocords are legendary for their quality optics.  This picture is sharp, and the background has a nice bokeh.

Since this picture I have taken hundreds of pictures on my Autocord and keep getting great pictures.

One more thing, usually we don’t use hats like these – but somehow it fit the occasion 🙂

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